Calibrate your product for greater efficiency

Combining performance and quality

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| Technical optimization

The pursuit of improvements to increase the efficiency of your product is fundamental.

Whether this concerns the core of your product, an accessory or the implementation processes, the aim is to ensure a consistently more efficient and high-quality product, in perfect harmony with your operational improvements.

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Optimized for production

DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) is an engineering practice consisting in optimizing the product so that it is optimized according to the chosen and reproducible manufacturing techniques.

It may also be necessary to carry out design optimization with a view to manufacturing (in conjunction with manufacturers) in order to increase the service rate and quality of components leaving the factory.

We optimize each component and its assembly to meet the challenges of your industrial manufacturing, whatever the quantity, without degrading the performance and quality of your product.

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Optimized cost-value ratio

Cost-based design is a process by which products are designed with ease of manufacture and rational use of materials and components in mind.

If a product contains fewer parts, it will take less time to assemble, thus reducing costs.

We know that 70% of a product's cost is decided at the design stage.
Through analysis of your product's architecture, we take action on assembly, components and materials to reduce your production costs.

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