Industrialize your product with confidence

From small series to mass production

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‍Theaim is to ensure smooth scaling-up while maintaining significant gains inoperational efficiency and costs during this critical phase of the technology journey.

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Partners at your side

Whether you're just starting out with a new product or you're an experienced company with a production department, surrounding yourself with reliable subcontractors and suppliers is crucial to guaranteeing your industrial production.

We support you in finding and consulting companies that can meet your needs and quantities. These partnerships will be selected according to your business, financial and ethical criteria.

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Efficient transmission

The manufacturing specifications (CDC) take into account the technical specifications for implementing your solution.

We prepare all documentation so that technical communication between your manufacturing subcontractors and your company is as transparent as possible.
Documentation also serves as a reference point for quality control and tolerance assessment.

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The link between sales targets and production velocity

The PIC (Plan Industriel et Commercial) consists, as its name suggests, in planning your production according to the company's resources (men, machines...), in the medium and long term, taking into account sales forecasts and production quantities.

From the implementation of production scenarios, to inventory management and service rate determination, we enable you to be more agile, responsive and able to adapt to fluctuations in customer orders.

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The assurance that all parameters are taken into account

The aim of this phase is to support you in the production of the first units with the industrial partners involved in the production of your solution.

This involves co-piloting the management of orders, and in particular ensuring that production deadlines are met, as well as relationship management and technical communication.
Monitoring by the development team is carried out, in order to be aware of any necessary adjustments, but also of the success of the transfer.

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