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| UI Design

Your user interface focuses on anticipating what users might need to do, and ensuring that it includes elements that are easy to access and understand, for a captivating user experience.

At the heart of the approach, the challenge is to ensure that processes are optimized, bringing significant gains in terms ofefficiency and fluidity of use.

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UX Design

User experience (UX) refers to the user's journey when interacting with your product.

UX design is the creative process that delivers meaningful and impactful experiences through the mastery of achievable actions and processes.

Through user-oriented studies, usability tests and creative sessions, we involve many different areas around your product, including brand image, usability, functions and design.

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UI Design

User Interface design focuses on the visual experience of your digital product.

It encompasses all the colors, typography and imagery you see on screen, as well as the elements you use to navigate the interface, such as buttons, scrollbars and swipe actions.

Good UI design is essential to creating a pleasant user experience.

On the user interface, we bring together concepts from interaction design, visual design and information architecture to maximize adoption and retention by your individual or professional users.

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Intuitive interactions

In addition to interaction via certain applications, "connected" products require direct interfaces for interaction (switching on, direct setting, status display, selection, remote control, among others).

This interface creates an intimate link between the product and the user, and is manifested through touch screens, buttons (push / incremental / rotary / ... ), light indications and connectors.

Our areas of expertise include:
- Precise qualification of usage situations and the nature of interactions, so as to propose a product that is easy to understand for the user.
- Study of the best functional configurations, based on the elements that can be integrated (touch screen, old-school LCD, mechanical interfacing, etc.).
- Interface design and usage tests.

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