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| For Start-ups, Scale-ups and Technology Companies

Understanding the issues specific to a company's different stages of maturity is crucial to the success of any design, engineering and innovation management initiative.

At each level of maturity, we offer tailor-made support to meet your specific needs and internal/external challenges, depending on your resources (hardware, specific skills, software, etc.) or the level of development of your project.

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| Project Management

Depending on your project structure, we also have the expertise and experience to support you in:

- Applying for subsidies
Writing all or part of the research program with you
- Seeking academic and/or industrial partners to provide specific expertise
- Supporting your investment initiatives

... Always complementing existing teams.

| Transparent collaboration and communication

This is not limited to the interaction between you and our dedicated product design team, but also extends to other external entities, such as the partners involved, suppliers and manufacturers.

At 1POINT61, we draw on many years' experience in managing projects spanning many disciplines and their inherent complexities, in the most demanding sectors such as Space, Medical and Aerospace.

Our project managers are responsible for achieving the objectives set, paying particular attention to deadlines, budget constraints and the superior quality of finished products.

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