Strategic and operational support for production and marketing is essential to ensure the quality and profitability of a product's production, by optimizing manufacturing processes, managing suppliers and ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

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OPTIMIZATION for industrial purposes

DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) aims to reduce time-to-market and total production costs by prioritizing ease of manufacturing and assembly; without compromising product quality and function.

/# Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
/# Design for cost
/# Time-to-Market
/# Margin consolidation

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Industrial & commercial plan

The drafting of your Industrial Plan is a key step to ensure the quality and relevance of business actions, translated in a clear and rigorous way into production velocity.
It is the logical continuation of the Business Plan.

/# Service rate
/# Inventory management
/# Quality charter
/# Non-linear production scenarios

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Modeling your production line and steering

It implies the pooling of skills, resources and know-how of different actors to achieve the objectives defined in the Industrial Plan, while promoting collaboration and synergy between the actors.

/# Supply chain and logistics
/# Industrial consortium
/# Modeling of your production area
/# Accompaniment and piloting of the Preseries

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